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Jemstone Consultancy was established in 1993 by Sarah Lewis to provide business psychology services to organizations from all sectors. We work from an understanding of organizations as social constructions, that is, as cultural systems of meaning and action. This means that our interventions are aimed at the social system of the organization. We specialize in the skilled application of such methodologies as appreciative inquiry (sometimes known as appreciative enquiry), systemic interviewing, values and belief analysis (including the identification of paradoxicalstrange loops of belief), sense and meaning making through communication, and whole system consultancy.

The result is change at the individual, team and organizational level that is firmly embedded in the culture of the organization through the stories it tells about itself , the understanding it has of desirable futures, and the created potential for coherent, conjoint action by members.

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Jemstone teams up with Tessera to create an exciting new workshop on strategic thinking incorporating appreciative inquiry and lego serious play. View course dates

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