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What is management development?
When to use management development
What does it involve?
How much will it cost?

What is management development?

With the benefit of our management development activities you can increase the ability of your managers to understand and achieve organisational aims and objectives and to influence others to do so, so increasing productivity and profitability. With an effective management development programme:

managers’ connection to the bigger organisational picture is increased

their role in creating organisational meaning is realised

their situational reading skills increase

their situational responsiveness increases

they become more self aware

their communication skills improve

their group or team leader skills are enhanced

they are better able to motivate others

When might it be a good idea to invest in management development?

There are many situations where Jemstone Consultancy can help increase management effectiveness, for instance:

rapid organisational growth

newly created or promoted managers

managers with poor people skills

ineffective managers

change in the management role

a need to increase management effectiveness

organisational change

What does a management development programme involve?

Every client’s needs are different, however a management development programme could include any of the following:

research to establish what is needed

the development of a competency framework

the introduction of Investors in People

training events

individual coaching

action learning sets

psychometric assessment
360 feedback
follow up activities

How much will it cost?

That will depend on the particular package put together to fit your requirements. Jemstone Consultancy is committed to open and transparent cost arrangements with clients. Please see our pricing policy. Jemstone Consultancy will also ensure that you have a contract confirming the work to be done and the cost before work commences.

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