What is consultancy?

Jemstone consultancy provides effective consultancy to help you create new understanding, generate more possibilities, increase creative energy, and enhance potential action of your people in a variety of situations.

Our consultants will work with you on your project to help you:

involve the right people

have all the relevant information

improve communication and decision making

generate different perspectives

create shared understanding and meaning
access creative energy
get active commitment
know what to do

When might I want to use a consultant?

People use consultants in all sorts of situations for all sorts of issues. Jemstone Consultancy can help with many different organisational concerns or opportunities, for instance:

learning more about your organisation

implementing new processes

special projects

sudden, unexpected or planned organisational change

persistent or thorny problems

identifying training or development needs

If I decide to engage you as consultants, what can I expect?

The detail will depend on the specific issue or concern you have, however in general you can expect:

to be treated as a partner in a joint endeavour

to be recognised as being knowledgeable about your own organisation

for any difficulties to be brought promptly to your attention

to be clear about the cost of what has been agreed

that your organisation will be recognised as the unique entity that it is

that all your people will be treated with fairness and respect

that you will be told what you need to hear, not what you want to hear

So how much is this likely to cost?

Given the variety of consultancy assignments, the answer has to be, it depends on what is required. However Jemstone Consultancy is committed to openness and transparency in our charging arrangements. Following the initial meeting, a contract will be confirmed covering the work to be done and the charge.

Meanwhile for further information on how we price assignments, view our pricing policy

Additional service:

systemic consultancy
[PDFfile – 92k]

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