What is coaching?

We view coaching as a skilled intervention designed to help people realise, reach, and perform to, their full potential. Some of the benefits you would expect to get from our coaching service include:

increased understanding of situations

increased self knowledge

increased understanding of others

the development of new ideas

progress on difficult issues

reflection and learning

When might I want to use the services of one of your coaches?

People can benefit from a coaching relationship at many points in their working life. Some of the key situations when Jemstone Consultancy coaching can be valuable include:

recent promotion

new assignment

new to management role

difficulties with staff or team

specific troublesome or complex issues

desire for development

career crisis

If I engage a coach, what can I expect?

Coaching can take many forms, depending on the needs of the individual. Some suppliers have a specific coaching programme, Jemstone Consultancy prefers to tailor its approach to the individual needs of each client. With Jemstone Consultancy, whatever your issues, you can expect:

an initial meeting free of charge to establish whether we are the right people for you, and to agree an initial time limited contract if you want to proceed

a written contract outlining work and costs

regular meetings to discuss your issues

purposeful conversations, with you and your concerns as the clear focus

skilled inquiry into your situation that helps you develop new ideas and approaches

the use of other tools, such as psychometrics, skill practice, reading materials, facilitated conversations with others, as appropriate to your needs

regular reviews of the effectiveness of the process and the appropriateness of continuing

How much will it cost?

Coaching is an individual service and is expensive. You are paying for the skill and experience of the coach in helping you with issues or situations that you are finding difficult.

Coaching is priced on a per session basis of £450 per session with a minimum contract price of six sessions of £2,700 plus VAT. This is excellent value as it includes:

the opportunity to meet and assess the coach before paying anything

a price that includes travel time, any development of materials or exercises, psychometric materials

no travel costs within the M25 area, and at cost to elsewhere

meetings at times and places convenient to you, including outside of normal working hours

no charge for the postponement of meetings, as long as it doesn’t happen more than twice for any one meeting

short term renewable contracts ( minimum of six meetings each contract)

email and phone support of a reasonable nature between sessions
one page record of each meeting
a skilled and experienced coach

Additional service:

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Coaching Presentation
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