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What is team development?

Team development is a series of activities, interventions and conversations that increase the ability of a group of people in a mutually interdependent situation to work effectively together.

An effective team development programme:

Establishes the importance of team work to achieving particular outcomes

Ensures that members understand why they are there and what they contribute

Strengthens team identity

Increases the team’s ability to achieve their objectives

Develops a shared understanding of task and process

Increases members’ ability to display co-ordinated action in novel situations

When is it a good idea to invest in team development?

This is a very good question, not all groups are teams. For team development to be a worthwhile investment there must be an inherent need for the people involved to co-ordinate their activities to achieve the task, that is, a level of mutual interdependency. If this organisational imperative is not present, than team development may not be the appropriate intervention.

Given this organisational imperative, team development can be appropriate in situations like these:

Newly established team

New team members

Change in team task

Change in organisational context for team

Merger of existing teams

Team performing poorly

Inter-team conflict, blame, poor morale

Intra-team conflict

Sudden loss of team performance

Change of leadership

What does a team development programme involve?

Every situation is different, however a team development programme is likely to include some or all of the following elements

Individual initial interviews

The establishment of baseline measures of current performance

The agreement of an evaluation framework

A series of carefully designed and individually tailored activities

A series of carefully structured and facilitated conversations

Leadership coaching

Individual team member coaching
Facilitated conversations with other parts of the organisational system
Psychometric profiling
Evaluation of effectiveness

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the particular package put together to meet your requirements. Jemstone Consultancy is committed to open and transparent cost arrangements with clients. Please see our pricing policy. Jemstone Consultancy will also ensure that you have a contract confirming the work to be done and the cost before work commences

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